Zola Superfruit Smoothies

Zola Superfruit Smoothies

Dietary Needs: Vegan,Dairy Free,Gluten Free

Zola Brazilian Superfruit is known for harvesting the highest quality Brazilian Superfruits for maximum nutrition and best taste. In a 12-hour window they harvest and process their acai fruit and completely control the process from tree to bottle to ensure premium quality. Açaí is a little berry with a deep purple color.  It is similar in shape to blueberries and has a large inner seed. Açaí is a nutrient-rich powerful anitoxidant that has the ability to fight to free radicals, disease and aging. Overall this company holds solid values in sustainiblity and is 100% USDA organic which are two of our rating categories. Oh how we wish their smoothies used a natural sweetener instead of evaprated cane juice (as the second ingredient). We hate to do it, but had to drop them a full star for that. They contain soy lecithin as well.  3.5 stars. 

Company Website: http://www.zolaacai.com

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Company: Zola

Category: Beverages

Posted: March 20, 2014

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