Sunfood Camu Powder

Sunfood Camu Powder

Dietary Needs: Soy Free,Vegan,Dairy Free,Low Glycemic,Gluten Free

Sunfood Camu Camu powder is made from a berry that grows on the camu camu bush native to the rain forests of South America. The Camu-Camu fruit is about the size of a large grape and has a purplish red skin with a yellow pulp. Taken from the wisdom of the ancient Amazonian, this berry was dried and turned into a powder for consumption throughout the year. It has been traditionally used as a medicinal herb, improving the bodily functions of the eyes, brain, liver, and skin. Because of its rich source of vitamin C, it is also believed to boost the immune system and help ward off the common cold, influenza, and other viral diseases. This tasty fruit is also known to help balance mood. It is estimated to have 30 times more vitamin C than oranges. This delicious tangy berry adds a nice accent to smoothies and desserts.

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Posted: October 17, 2012

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