Redwood Hill Farms Goat Cheese

Redwood Hill Farms Goat Cheese

Dietary Needs: None

We are huge fans of goats milk as opposed to dairy milk. Goat milk products are digested within about 20 minutes whereas dairy products can take up to 8 hours to be digested. Redwood Hill Farms is located in Sonoma County, California and are a family owned business creating raw goat products for the past 40 years. We love this artisan raw goat milk feta cheese. This creamy cheese is brined in a natural, salt water brine before being bagged for aging. Raw goats milk has the tendency to balance the good bacteria in our GI track and is a nourishing food rich in vitamins, minerals, and complete proteins. We love supporting a company like this one!

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Category: Dairy (cow, goat and sheep)

Posted: March 21, 2014

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