Plum Organics sweet potato, corn & apple

Plum Organics sweet potato, corn & apple

Dietary Needs: Soy Free,Vegan,Dairy Free,Low Glycemic,Gluten Free

Plum believes that “introducing babies to real food with delightful tastes and pure ingredients as early as possible, can create a foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating", and we could not agree more. Taste actually begins in utuero with what the mother consumes. Research has shown that eating a variety of healthy foods and minimizing the intake of processed foods with additives and preservatives can help avoid health concerns later in life such as allergies, obesity, and early onset diabetes. We love to see organic, high quality baby foods available in grocery stores. Most conventional baby foods can contain soy, artificial ingredients, and even high fructose syrup - which is a travesty. Plum organics values cooking the food just the right amount to preserve nutrient content. This is a huge upgrade to other processing methods used by conventional baby food companies that expose foods to high temperatures and lengthy cooking times. They have a full line of baby food for 4 months and up. Some of their foods for 8 months and up combine fruit and grain, which we don't love to see as the two different food categories compete for digestion, which results in increased acid, fermentation, and bloating. Try their varieties that do not combine fruit and grain. We do love that there are no artificial ingredients, added sugar, and that the packaging is BPA-free. 

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Company: Plum Organics

Category: Baby Food

Posted: April 13, 2012

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