Niman Ranch Filet Mignon

Niman Ranch Filet Mignon

Dietary Needs: None

Niman Ranch works with small U.S. family farmers who are committed to raising the highest quality breeds and are dedicated to caring for their livestock traditionally. These guiding philosophies, from the genetics they source, to the feeds they use, to the humane animal raising standards contribute to the consistently, best tasting, all-natural beef, pork, lamb and smoked and prepared meats. We love their commitment to the land, the animals and to smaller family farmers. Niman Ranch network has grown to include over 676 independent American farmers and ranchers. Whether they’re raising hogs, cattle or lamb, they all share Niman Ranch's dedication to the strictest protocols and the belief that all-natural, humane and sustainable methods produce the best possible flavor.

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Company: Niman Ranch

Category: Meat / Poultry / Fish

Posted: December 20, 2011

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