Natural Vitality Kids Natural Calm Multi Vitamin

Natural Vitality Kids Natural Calm Multi Vitamin

Dietary Needs: None

This liquid supplement is a smart one for kids as they have covered all of the bases in this formula. It is loaded with 24 organic fruits and veggies as well as incorporating some of the superfoods we love such as: organic pomegranate, açaí, goji and noni. This mixture also includes EPA and DHA and the fish oil is sourced from wild sardine and anchovy sourced off the coast of South America where there are significantly less environmental impurities. Omega-3's (EPH and DHA) are an integral part of cell membranes and precursors of several important cellular messengers. DHA has been recognized as necessary for brain, visual and nervous system health and development. This kids multi includes components of Natural Calm as well including a balance of magnesium and calcium. We liked the taste and think kids will too. It's fruity and sweetened with organic stevia and organic agave. We appreciate that is all Natural Vitality products there ingredients are organic and never genetically modified.

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Company: Natural Vitality

Category: Nutritional and Herbal Supplements

Posted: June 11, 2012

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