HealthForce Earth

HealthForce Earth

Dietary Needs: None

What an incredibly powerful food this is! It includes over 25 high quality vibrant ingredients all supporting detoxification, immune system, healthy colon and longevity. HealthForce formulated Earth™ to be made into a Healing Earth Broth, a Healing Earth Soup, or a Healing Earth Tea. Unlike green superfoods that should be taken raw for maximum benefit, the botanicals in Earth actually become significantly more potent when wet heat is applied. Earth can be taken raw, but is even better when released with fire. It can also be used in a smoothie, but it has a unique, savory flavor that lends itself better to soups and broths. Earth can be used on its own and is also the perfect counterbalance to any green superfood (like Vitamineral Green™). The roots, barks, spices, and other healing botanicals in Earth will nourish you at a deep level - some of the powerful ingredients include burdock root, marshmallow root, ginger, slippery elm park, watercress, sprouted flax and chia seeds and milk thistle seeds. HealthForce is simply one of the highest quality brands on the market today. Tried and true to their mission of creating an entirely new level of organic. Thank you HealthForce for your commitment to exceptional quality!  

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Company: HealthForce

Category: Nutritional and Herbal Supplements

Posted: March 21, 2014

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