Dietary Needs: Gluten Free

Glutenza is a ground breaking gluten-pulverizing formula! It is a multi-enzyme, pro AND pre-biotic blend (gives you good bacteria and also provides food for your good bacteria to keep them alive). While it was specifically designed to address gluten, it really is your safeguard against 4 of the 5 most common food sensitivities because it has the ability to pulverize 90% of the proteins in gluten, soy, dairy, and corn within 90 minutes of consumption! Glutenza works in a unique way to break down gluten proteins by targeting the internal and external peptide bonds. Formulator Dr. Tom O'Bryan would always give the advice is to avoid gluten but now with Glutenza you have some recourse if you are inadvertently exposed to it.  It can be used on a maintenance plan (to clean up old molecules of inflammation caused by consumption of these 4 food sensitivities) or for accidental exposure. I love and use this product as a shield for eating out, especially if I'm not sure if GMOs are somehow sneaking in there. It’s also a lifesaver for anyone who travels frequently. The pre-biotic in Glutenza comes from a non-starch source which means less bloating. It also contains three powerful strains of probiotics including; Saccharomyces boulardii (a positive yeast that combats pathogenic yeast), Bacillus subtillis (protects from and kills food borne pathogens) and Lactobacillus acidophilus (to help you digest your food better, extract more nutrients from it, and escort bad bugs out of the body).   This product is truly multi-faceted as it offers enzymes, prebiotics, and 10 billion CFU of live organisms that work in your gut to promote a healthy intestinal tract.

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Company: NuMedica

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Posted: April 28, 2015

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