Garden Green Garbanzo Beans

Garden Green Garbanzo Beans

Dietary Needs: Soy Free,Vegan,Dairy Free,Low Glycemic,Gluten Free

This company has spent the past 10 years engineering, brainstorming and introducing a brand new food into the marketplace. Green Garbanzos are fresh picked garbanzo beans which are still GREEN and LIVING (not our standard tan color we are used to seeing). The beans are harvested and then flash frozen to preserve the unique flavor and nutrient profile. Garden Green Garbanzos are highly nutritious and high in fiber, iron, protein, folate, Vitamins A and C as well as phytonutrients (anti-cancer). Originating on a small family farm in Idaho, the company is very focused on sustainability and earth friendly farming.  Garden Green Garbanzo plants have the ability to replenish atmospheric nitrogen, depleted by other crops, into the soil, thus reducing the need for fertilizers for Garden Green Garbanzos in crop rotation. These beans are carefully nurtured without the use of insecticides. Available at Whole Foods. Try impressing your friends with the recipe 'garbanzomole' which is printed on the back of the package. 5 stars all the way!

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Posted: March 21, 2014

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