Fit 365 Protein Powder

Fit 365 Protein Powder

Dietary Needs: Soy Free,Low Glycemic,Gluten Free

No doubt about it, this is our absolute favorite protein powder. It was formulated by a team of naturopathic doctors, nutritionists and food chemists and uses the highest quality, organic ingredients that can be found. The whey in Fit 365 comes from native, New Zealand grass-fed cows.  Fit 365 contains coconut oil, which we love for so many reasons from brain function, to metabolism to skin health and digestive support. It also uses natural sweeteners like xylitol and Lo Han Go (chinese fruit) and pink salt for added minerals your body can easily recognize and use. Thank you Fit365 for your hard work in creating a protein powder that we can stand behind 100%! We only wish it was more widely available in health food stores. For now you will have to get it online or if you are local to North County San Diego, you can find it at Seaside Market in Cardiff. 

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Company: Fit 365

Category: Protein Powder

Posted: December 12, 2011

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