Comvita Propolis lozenges

Comvita Propolis lozenges

Dietary Needs: None

Now this is a clever and innovative product. Bee propolis is the resinous substance that bees gather from the leaf buds and bark of trees. Bees bring this substance to their hives and once mixed with bee salivary secretions and wax flakes, the finished product is created. Propolis is used in the hive as an antibacterial antioxidant and subsequently works the same inside our human bodies. These bee propolis lozenges are a huge upgrade from the standard cough drops we typically see in our supermarket because they are actually working to heal instead of mask symptoms. There are more then 600 different bacteria species found in the mouth which make antibacterial properties a must have when it comes to fighting off a cold. They are made with Manuka Honey which is sourced from New Zealand’s remote, forests and is renowned for its unique flavour and health benefits.  Comvita is a company from New Zealand that was founded on the concept “ to produce natural products that work, and acting in a way which preserves the environment for generations to come.” 5 star product all the way BUT we recommend not giving any bee products to kids under three years old because their immune systems aren't yet developed enough to handle it. 

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Posted: March 21, 2014

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