Candicid Forte

Candicid Forte

Dietary Needs: None

Orthomolecular's tagline is "because efficacy matters" which is so true for this company and all their products. Orthomolecular is one of the most effective lines we have worked with to date. We use this product in all of our anti-candida protocols. Candicid Forte has powerful ingredients that help to balance the GI microflora. Some of the ingredients included in this supplement are oregano extract, cinnamon extract, ginger root, and Pau D’Arco extract which are all helpful to cleanse the body of harmful bacterial overgrowth while still being soothing on the digestive tract. All in all, this product is highly effective for clients who are following a candida cleanse protocol.

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Company: Orthomolecular

Category: Nutritional and Herbal Supplements

Posted: April 30, 2013

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