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Having full, healthy hair is a very important thing to most of us. lt helps us look and feel beautiful. In our practice we see and treat a lot of heavy metal toxicity and thyroid conditions, both which can lead to considerable hair loss, which can be devastating, especially for women.

While we always strive to address the root cause and to help the body to heal from there, some of our clients want other options for faster results while they are healing from the inside and we think we found something very cool. After some research of what else could help without expensive and onerous surgeries and extensions, we discovered Theradome!  We've had a couple of  "early-adopters" get great results with it. It's a natural at-home FDA-approved clinical laser hair growth helmet that is selling at half price ($395) until the end of the month.

Wearing this 1-lb funny-looking helmet for 20 minutes a day will grow new hair and double the shaft of your existing hair in terms of volume and fullness. We are tempted to try it! Made in the USA, which we always like to see! What will they think of next?

Only 20 or so left at the introductory price. Find out more here:

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Company: Theradome

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Posted: August 15, 2013

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